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How Do Children Learn Through Aba?


How Do Children Learn Through Aba?

How Do Children Learn Through Aba?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is called a golden treatment for autism, which helps autistic children in learning the behavior that was otherwise impossible for them to understand, grasp and instill. Applied Behavior Analysis is a systematic learning of analysis of the behavior that effectively teaches them about the desired behavior through a system of rewards and consequences. 

Rewards and Consequences: ABA Explained

Teaching the right behavior through rewards and consequences is as old as human civilization. The autistic children are directed to perform in a certain manner by pleasing them with rewards and apprising the children about the consequences that occur after they take a particular action. Children that are not on the spectrum also learn with the help of ABA. 

How Do Children Learn through ABA?

Over time, ABA teaches the desired behaviors to the children while extinguishing the undesirable behaviors. It takes extraordinary therapists to use the theory in a manner to extinguish the undesirable traits, characteristics, and habits of children on the Spectrum. ABA is used in a natural setting, such as the playground, school, community outing, etc. ABA is never used to exploit the emotions of the children. 

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